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Exocutor 80S

Professional Electric Insect Control
Professional Electric Insect Control
Exocutor 80 Watt, Stainless
Exocutor 80 Watt, Stainless
flykiller with triangular grid for a larger effective cath area
flykiller with triangular grid for a larger effective cath area
Compact and High Efficient Insect Trap

Effective Winged Insects Controlling

The Exocutor is full of features designed to maximise useful UV light output, from the internal aluminium UV light reflectors, designed to re-use the powerful insect attracting wavelength of the 368nm tubes, to the unique light scoops which allow light to exude from the corners of the unit as well as the front, back and sides. Staggered tube positioning ensures that the maximum amount of UV light is radiated from all areas at the unit luring flying insects into the highly effective triangular killing grid.

Maintenance - simple and comfortable
  • large capacity, mains interlocked catch tray with anti-blow out folds
  • simple wall, ceiling or desk mounting
  • easy cleaning and servicing
  • independently tested and certified to RoHS and all relevant European standards

Technical Data - Exocutor 80S
power consumption 230v/50hz
lamp 2 x 40 watt - item 07LF021
                     shatterproof 07LF022
weight 5,700 kgs
dimensions h265 x w694 x d140 mm
discharge voltage on the grid 4500v/10ma
catching area 140 m2 wall mounted / 280 m2 free standing
application packaging industry, warehouse

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