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Vector® Plasma™

Vector® Plasma™
Vector® Plasma™
Vector® Plasma™
Vector® Plasma™
Vector® Plasma™
Vector® Plasma™
Winged Insect Trapping with UV-A Light and Hidden Glueboards 

New Technology
Vector Plasma uses the latest innovations incorporating electronic ballast and a 36 watt UV-A bulb. A new technology ensures a higher, flicker free UV-A output with a reduced running cost and a faster insect catch rate. The increased levels of UV-A and flicker free output ensures that the flies head straight for the discreetly placed glue board behind the attractively designed screen panel, resulting in a quick reduction in flying insect populations.

Odorless, Silently and without Toxic
Vector Plasma is ideal for use in areas where space is extremely limited, but where there is no room to compromise on control of flying insects. The unit features a slim, sleek design, that can be installed vertically, horizontally or in corners in the tightest of locations.

Maintenance - Simple and Comfortable
Easy, quick access to bulbs and glueboards saves time and money in maintenance and servicing. No replacement starters are needed thanks to new technology.

Technical Data - Vector® Plasma™
power consumption 240v/50hz/72w
lamp 2 x 36 watt - item 07LVE112
                     shatterproof 07LVE113
weight 4,550 kgs
dimensions h320 x w520 x d64 mm
foil 2 pieces - 125 x 417 mm - item 02VF112
catching area 150 m2
application commercial kitchens, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, bakeries, butcher's , bistros, open counter areas, industries

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