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RoboMop® Softbase

Info: Sit back and let the new house help wiping your floors

RoboMop® Softbase
RoboMop® Softbase
How it Works
How it Works
For all Smooth Floors
For all Smooth Floors
RoboMop® Softbase Scope of Delivery
RoboMop® Softbase Scope of Delivery
RoboMop - is Designed to Swep your Hard Floor!

The technology of RoboMop™ cleans gentle and silent on marble, granite, parquet, laminate or linoleum. With a hight of 8,5 cm, isn't dirt in corners, along the walls and under the furnitures a problem for this revolutionary appliance. Easily takes the electrostatic towels dust, cat- and doghairs from your floor. The soft and flexible fleeces of RobMop™ , guarantees the cleaning in inaccessible areas without damage. It's much easier to take dirt up with RoboMop than wipe wet, and scientisists argues, that the problem with germs, mites and pathogens is much lower. The most common cause of asthma and other allergies are dust particles. The finishing line of RoboMop™ is, to eleminate exactly this dust.

Particulary older generations profit from the astoundingly invention. RobMop™ helps you to avoid unhealty and harmful movements.

It's your decision, how long you're going to put RoboMop™ into operation. Simply program the rechargeable robotic ball and put it into  the case. The specially developed disposable dusters pick up the dust and hold it in microscopic pockets. RoboMop™cleans 6m2/h, the energy of the battry lasts for about 1,5 hours. The fleece is fitted as required to replace and dispose of household waste free of germs.


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